Thursday, May 11, 2006

SOA and Middleware

Iam interested to know how SOA and middleware are coupled.
where can i find more and good info to start learning about SOA.


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Bharath said...

Middleware and SOA are very near relatives!!!! for the fact that SOA is primarily built on the principles of exploiting interop.

Historically if you look at the way the apps have changed the face, they have traditionally grown from monolithic to component based applications. Similarly interop traditionally started with Remote calls and grew to completely transparent way of executing.

With the explosion of internet and the W3C stds - it was made possible to exploit the true COMPONENT based architecture (which in my opinion has taken the shape of SOA - with service being self-executable component that can serve a business function).

Since the major problem that is solved using middleware is to transform and transport the data across applicatons, using SOA design patterns can easily leverage the middleware. However, having said that, to run a predictive business, any enterprise will have to leverage "Event Generation" and "Event Analysis" - which can be easily achieved through Event Driven architecture.

--- note: will post Part-2 of this along with some of the major differences between EDA and SOA and how they both can be exploited